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Caring for Your Leather Living-Room Furniture

If you just purchased new leather furniture for your living room, you are most likely enjoying its appearance as well as the comfort it provides to those who use the pieces to relax on. Leather living-room furniture needs to be properly maintained so it retains this appearance for years to come. Here are some steps you can use to help you take care of your furniture so it appears like new for a long time. Read More 

Tips For Cleaning Blinds

If you've ever had to clean your house for a party, you might have looked at your blinds with a more critical eye and noticed that they were absolutely filthy. You might try to clean them but only end up pushing the dust all over the place, rather than actually getting rid of it. If you have ever experienced this frustration, you absolutely need these pointers about how to clean your blinds quickly and effectively. Read More 

Four Ways To Use Beads In Your Home Daycare

If you own a home daycare, it is important to be sure that you have many different ways to keep the children entertained during the day. Beads can serve as a great manipulative for older children. The guide below walks you through a few different ways you can use beads to help children learn and be creative. Stringing the Beads The first and most obvious way that beads can be used by children is by stringing them. Read More 

Hardwood Floor Cupping And How To Deal With It

Hardwood floors are among the most beautiful types of floors on the market, but they are seriously affected by moisture. One problem that they often suffer from is cupping. This occurs when moisture warps the center of the board to make it higher than the edges. This serious problem makes an uneven floor, but it can be repaired. When Cupping Is Serious Wood floors will naturally swell and shrink with changes in their moisture, with swelling occurring when moisture is between 0% to 25%. Read More 

Three Tips To Prepare Your Home For The Upcoming Tornado Season

Spring can be a great time of the year for many people. The leaves are growing, flowers begin to bloom, and the weather starts to warm up. Unfortunately, it can also be a time where many storms start to appear, especially tornadoes. Since wind is invisible, you may not be able to spot a tornado until a few minutes before it hits. In an effort to keep you and your family safe during a major storm, you want to be fully prepared ahead of time. Read More