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Deadly Beauty: Four Of The Deadliest Plants In The World

Flowers are beautiful to look. Some, however, offer a fatal beauty. There are many common flowers and plants that we see every day that cause fatal illness and death. Though these plants will attract your attention through their beauty, it is best to stay as far away from them as possible. Below is a list of common plants and flowers that pack a deadly punch: Water Hemlock This beautifully deadly flower is found mainly in North America. Read More 

How To Clean Your Mattress

You may not have thought about cleaning your mattress before, but it's a good idea to do to help freshen up the place you rest your head. Your mattress can build up with dust and other fine debris over time. This fine dust and debris can become a feeding ground for dust mites, so it's good practice to clean your mattress at least once or more per year. See below for tips on how to clean your mattress. Read More 

How To Easily Troubleshoot A Malfunctioning Refrigerator Ice Maker

Is your ice maker malfunctioning? A malfunctioning ice maker can be a frustrating irritation. Since it's nonessential, most people just learn to live with it. This is a mistake, because most problems that occur with an ice maker are fairly simple. For the most part, a malfunctioning ice maker is usually caused by a sensor that isn't working properly or a frozen ice block within the unit. Lift the Sensor Arm Read More 

How To Clean Pet Stains From Your Carpet

One problem that many pet owners deal with is pet stains in the carpet in their homes. This is because pets will sometimes have accidents on the carpet instead of using the bathroom where they normally should. Luckily, you can easily clean the carpet on your own, which is helpful if you are only dealing with one stain in a particular area and don't need your entire carpet to be cleaned professionally. Read More