What You Should Know About Getting A Water Softener

You've probably heard about the benefits of having a water softener. Soft water makes your skin feel silky, it makes your soap lather better, and it prevents scale from forming on your appliances. You may wonder if you would benefit from buying or leasing a softener for your home. Here's what you need to know. Test For Hardness If you have well water, you probably have hard water. You can find out for sure by having a test run by a lab, or you can just buy a kit and test the water yourself. Read More 

Have Pets? 3 Tips For Making Your Apartment Search Easier

If you have dogs, cats or other pets, you know how tough it can be to rent an apartment. A lot of apartment complexes don't allow pets at all, and many that do charge outrageous rates or are extremely picky. However, you should know that there are a few things that you can do to streamline the apartment hunting process. Follow these three simple tips, and you might find that finding an apartment that will allow your beloved pet is a whole lot easier. Read More 

How To Tell If You Have Hard Water, And How A Water Softener Can Help

If you think you have hard water in your home, you can buy a test kit to find out for sure. You may even find the information you need on your city's website, since their periodic water tests should be public. However, you don't really need a test, because you should be able to tell if you have hard water by the signs it leaves behind. Here's a look at some of the indications your home has hard water and what you can do about it. Read More 

Ball Of Bees In Your Tree?

If you discovered a large ball of bees hanging from the limb of one of your property's trees, then you need professional help to safely remove the swarm. The good news is bee swarms can easily be removed in a way that conserves the bees. Here is some information on why bees swarm, and why it is vital that you select a pest control company who will have the bees removed rather than killed: Read More 

Proper Mattress Maintenance: What You Should Know

When you purchase a brand new mattress, your primary focus is on getting used to your new bed and breaking it in so it becomes soft and comfortable for you to sleep on. However, if you think that there is nothing else you have to do to take care of your mattress from that point on, you would be mistaken. If you want your mattress to remain in like-new condition for as long as possible, learn a few basic mattress maintenance techniques that bedding experts recommend, and you will be enjoying a good night's sleep for many years to come on your new mattress. Read More