Wood Or Faux Wood Blinds: What You Need To Know

There are two choices if you like the look of wood blinds: real wood or faux wood. There are benefits to both, as well as concerns to consider. Taking a few minutes to learn more can help you choose the right blinds.


A variety of wood and design options are available, but most are made of hardwood and come in a range of widths. Wood comes in natural finishes as well as painted finishes.


Wood provides several benefits. First, it's a natural material for those trying to get away from synthetics in their home. Unlike other blinds materials, wood also provides some natural insulation that can aid the energy efficiency of your windows.

Blinds made of wood can be painted or stained a different color in the future, making them a versatile option that evolves with your changing decor style. Wood is also lighter in weight than faux options. This is important if you will be hanging the blinds across a large window, as heavier blinds can sometimes sag in the middle. 


Humidity is the primary concern when it comes to wood blinds. The wood can warp or suffer from wood rot in highly humid areas, and the finish may also blister and peel. This means wood isn't the best option in the bathroom or above a kitchen sink.

Faux Wood

Also called vinyl blinds, faux wood blinds are made out of a composite polyvinyl product. They come smooth or in a natural wood grain pattern and in a limited range of colors made to simulate the look of painted wood blinds.


The biggest benefit of faux wood is that moisture and humidity are not a problem. The damp won't ruin the finish or cause the blinds to warp, so you can use them anywhere in the home. There are even varieties made for outdoor use.

Faux wood blinds also require next to no maintenance beyond dusting. If they do get too dirty to dust, there's no need to scrub, condition, and polish them as you would with wood. The blinds can be washed in a tub of water without any worry of damage.


Weight is the main concern, as faux blinds can be quite heavy. Sometimes this causes the blinds to sag in the middle. If you will be installing faux wood blinds over a long window, choosing a style with extra support cords along the length of the blinds can help reduce sagging.

Contact a blinds installation service if you would like further information on wood and faux wood blinds for the home. For more information on blind installation, contact a company near you.