Want A Patio Cover For Your Home? Consider These Options For Installation Right Away

If you have a wide-open patio and you want to create a covered cozy space where you can put some outdoor furniture, a television, or some other things, you want to get a patio cover. There are many different options for this, any of them being great when you want some protection from the sun and the shade.

The first thing you will want to do is decide on what type of covering would look the best for your home, based on the exterior and the style of the house. Consider these two options today.


A pergola can be a very aesthetically pleasing addition to your back patio area. These are often made of wood or engineered wood and can be assembled by the homeowner if needed.

People get covered pergolas with beams on the top to get partial shade throughout the day. Other things you can add include:

  • Curtains
  • Shade cover on the top
  • Walls on the sides of the pergola for privacy
  • Planter boxes

There are many wood stains or colors that you can get the engineered wood in to be sure it matches your house perfectly.


There are different types of awnings you can have installed on the side of your house to get a covered patio when you want, but you won't be forced to have shade if you don't want it. The types you can get are:

  • Rolling vinyl cover
  • Retractable motorized cover
  • Vinyl triangle cover set up with posts

The rolling cover is easy for you to pull out away from the house and roll out when needed. The retractable cover is the easiest, because you just use the remote or keypad, and the awning does the work. This gives you quick shade and protection when needed but allows you to still have an open space for times you want as well.

When you are adding a covered area to your outdoor patio it's like providing an additional living space for you to enjoy at your home. This is a worthwhile improvement and investment to make.

Figure out where on the back of the house you want to put the covering, and if it makes more sense to attach an awning or have a free-standing or attached pergola. From there you can watch your vision become a reality and get the cover you've been hoping for.

For more information about patio covers, contact a local comapany.