Own Essential Furniture? 3 Shopping Tips To Fill Out The Rest Of Your Home

Once you have all the essential furniture you need, you may notice that most rooms still have space leftover. While empty space can prevent a room from looking and feeling overcrowded, you can easily fill in areas when there is only enough room to fit a small furniture piece. Go furniture shopping with the goal of using space to make the right purchases for your home.

Vertical Storage

Vertical storage is an excellent furniture type worth prioritizing because of how much value it can bring to a room. Cube storage comes in various sizes, ensuring you can find one that works with the available dimensions you have in each room. A piece with four cubes will likely be close to the ground and provide stable storage for a home with kids and pets.

If you feel comfortable mounting furniture to the wall, you can get tall cube storage, bookcases, or shelving units that reach close to the ceiling.

Side Tables

Another furniture piece that can provide incredible value is side tables. While looking at these tables, you will find them in circles, squares, and rectangles. You will find them in different lengths, widths, and heights, which means you can pick ones that fit your needs.

A great example is a long and narrow space left between a couch and the wall. Although you can leave the space empty, you will get better usage by picking up a side table to add there.

Slide under tables is an excellent choice for chairs and couches because you can move them to the front or side of the furniture depending on your needs.


Ottomans are worth considering for the living room, sunroom, home office, and bedrooms. This kind of furniture does not only have to be purchased with a couch set. For instance, you can get a stand-alone ottoman for a reading nook in your bedroom, where you can store blankets.

A soft ottoman provides a comfortable place to rest your feet. Also, all you need to do is pick up a solid-surface tray to use the top as a tray holder. Another option is to prioritize heavy-duty ottomans to function as an extra seating space when the living room couch and chairs are full.

Filling your home with furniture is easy to do initially. However, it can become tricky once you get the essentials and still have leftover space. Use these home furniture shopping tips to help you make strategic furniture purchases that take up space and improve functionality.