Nice Features to Include in Your Sunroom Addition

The best part about having a sunroom added to your house is the fact that you get to design it. You can work alongside your builder to ensure the features you want and need are included in the plans. But what features should you include in a sunroom? To some degree, that depends on your preferences and how you plan on using the space. But here are a few features worth considering.

Bench Storage

One common problem in sunrooms is storage. There are often a lot of things to be stored in these rooms — boots, sporting equipment, patio furniture, water bottles — and without good storage, the items end up scattered all about. Including built-in bench storage along one wall will really help. You can hide items away in the bench and also use it as a place to sit while you put on shoes and the like.

An Awning

Yes, you will likely spend most of your time inside the sunroom, but there may be times when you want to relax outdoors, too. Putting an awning on your sunroom makes it more versatile. Plus, the awning will give your sunroom some protection if it rains. You should be able to leave the windows under the awning open without worrying about rain coming inside.

Vertical Electrical Posts

There may be times when you want to plug in space heaters, a television, a vacuum cleaner, or a fan. Having a vertical electrical post along one wall will make it easier to access outlets. You won't have to pull patio furniture to the side. Also, having the outlets up off the ground makes sense in a sunroom since this location gives them a bit more protection should the floor become moist.

A Rolling Door

When choosing a door for your sunroom addition, strongly consider a rolling door. These doors continue working well even if a little debris gets into the track. Sliding doors are more sensitive to debris, which makes them less suitable for indoor-outdoor spaces like sunrooms. Also, make sure the door you choose has good weatherstripping and a secure lock. Sunrooms are a common break-in point, but a good lock will help with this.

Including these features will make your sunroom a more versatile, usable space. Each feature will come in handy and add something new. Talk to your builder or designer about these and other ways to make your sunroom addition great.