Five Antique Furnishings Back-In-Style For Your Bedroom

Give your bedroom a romantic, vintage feel with some antique furnishings that are back-in-style. Check out antique bedroom furniture sellers, both on-site and online, to find these pieces that will bring function and a sense of history to your home.

Five antique items that are back-in-style for your bedroom are:

1. Trundle Beds

There are many reasons why a trundle bed makes sense, including the additional sleep space afforded by the pull-out bed underneath. Even if you don't plan on guests, this pull-out is a comfortable place to lounge and watch TV or play online- perfect in a teen's room or man-cave. Consider using a trundle bed under a simple wrought-metal daybed for a fully functional piece that you can use in any room, not just the bedroom!

2. Steamer Trunks

When shopping for antique furniture items, you will likely come across a steamer trunk or two; consider picking one up to repurpose and upcycle into a useful furnishing in the bedroom. These trunks are exactly the right height to be a bedside table, and they also are appealing at the foot of the bed for a blanket chest. Got more than one trunk in your home? Use one for a coffee table, which also makes excellent storage for shoes and boots during the off-season.

3. Chaise Lounge Chairs

The perfect place to sit in a bedroom often is a chaise lounge chair; these chairs are French in origin, made popular during the 1500s. Over time, the style of the chaise lounge evolved, becoming a 'fainting couch' in the mid-1900s. Today, chaise lounge chairs are comfortable alternatives to a chair and ottoman or loveseat.

4. Dressing Screens

Ornate dressing screens are another furnishing that is perfect for the bedroom; separate a space with a hand-painted vintage screen. Create a dressing area or carve out a spot for privacy in even small bedrooms with these ornamental and unique fixtures.

5. French Armoires

If you can find a 16th century French or European armoire when looking for furniture, buy it! These beautiful wooden pieces were originally conceived as a place to store weaponry and tools; contemporary homes often feature beautiful armoires to hide televisions or for clothing storage.  

Make-over your bedroom with vintage flair and these five furniture items. Look at antique furniture venues, like online boutiques and sites, or visit furniture retail stores near you for these chic items that are back-in-style for the bedroom.