What To Do About Gutter Overshoot

If you have a roof with a steep pitch, and you get a lot of rain in your area, then you may experience gutter overshoot. Sometimes, it's a gutter design issue, and sometimes it's a maintenance issue. Either way, it means a mess for your home and yard. Here are common reasons why your gutters overflow and how the problem can be repaired.

What Is Gutter Overshoot?

Gutter overshoot is a less-than-technical term for when runoff overshoots or overfills the gutter system. Sometimes, on very steep roofs, a large amount of rain all at once causes the water to run so fast that it will shoot right past the gutters. The rainwater will cascade off the roof in sheets. If this only happens once in a while, it is not indicative of a gutter problem. However, if it's a regular occurrence, then you have a problem.

Why Does Gutter Overshoot Happen?

Your home should have a gutter system designed to handle the amount of runoff for your area with your type of roof. However, sometimes gutter systems are poorly designed or too small, so they can't do the job correctly. Clogged downspouts and gutters filled with debris will also cause an overshoot. Some types of gutter guards are also unable to handle a large volume of water.

What Is Done to Correct Gutter Overshoot?

If your gutters are too small, then the best thing to do is replace them with a system of larger, higher-quality gutters. If you don't have gutters or downspouts on all vulnerable areas, then add more to handle the large volume of water. If your downspouts get clogged easily, then install larger downspouts. You may need baffles, especially in areas where two sections of the roof meet and create a valley.

How Can Future Gutter Problems Be Prevented?

If your gutters are the right size and design, then have a professional look them over to see if they need repairing. Clean your gutters on a regular basis. Even if you have gutter guards, sometimes debris will pile up, so those need to be checked as well. Have any dented downspouts replaced and directed away from your home.

Your roof's gutters work hard to protect your home and yard from water damage. They drain the water away to where it won't harm your home's foundation. However, they do age and get damaged, so sometimes they need repairs. Many times, the problem cannot be fixed without replacing your old gutters with a new gutter system. For more information about gutters repair, contact a roofer or other gutter repair specialist.