4 Ways To Make Your Bathroom More Accessible

Are you only able to barely walk with one of your legs after a stroke caused partial paralysis? If this or a similar condition has led to you needing help with daily tasks such as taking a bath, there is a way for you to regain some of your independence. You might want to consider an investment in a bathtub conversion kit so you can enjoy the benefits. There are a few other things that can be done to make your bathroom more accessible as well, which are listed in this article.

1. Get Grab Bars Installed

Being that you are still able to walk a little without assistance, all you need are the right safety measures in your bathroom to regain some independence. You can get grab bars installed in various areas of the bathroom to help you maintain your balance. For instance, placing a grab bar near the toilet is an idea area. The grab bars can also be placed along the wall of your bathtub area at different levels, such as for when you are sitting and standing to clean your body.

2. Place a Non-Slip Mat in the Bathtub

You must consider your safety inside of the bathtub while moving around in it. Investing in a non-slip mat can prevent you from falling down and becoming injured. Make sure the mat is long enough to cover the entire surface of the tub that you will be stepping on.

3. Invest in a Shower Chair

If you struggle with sitting all the way down in the bathtub, you can invest in a shower chair to sit on. The chair can be used when you are showering and bathing. As long as you are able to bend over and access the water while sitting in the chair, it will come in handy for taking baths.

4. Get a Bathtub Conversion Kit

Getting a bathtub conversion kit installed is one of the best things that you can do for your bathroom in your condition. Basically, there are different models of the kits that will either transform your bathtub into a shower, or allow you to take baths as well. The kits will involve a section of your bathtub being cut out and a cover placed over the entire tub to create a new look. The opening will allow you to walk in and out of the tub without having to step over a high wall, but a stainless steel door can be placed over the opening when taking baths. Speak to a bathtub conversion kit dealer, such as T. Kister LLC., about your needs as soon as you are ready.