Deadly Beauty: Four Of The Deadliest Plants In The World

Flowers are beautiful to look. Some, however, offer a fatal beauty. There are many common flowers and plants that we see every day that cause fatal illness and death. Though these plants will attract your attention through their beauty, it is best to stay as far away from them as possible. Below is a list of common plants and flowers that pack a deadly punch:

Water Hemlock

This beautifully deadly flower is found mainly in North America. You will see this flower every day if you live near a wet meadow or a marsh. The USDA actually deemed this plant to be the most toxic in North America. The blossoms and stem of this plant won't do much harm. The roots, however, carry a deadly sap. Just one touch of this sap can send you into seizures and kill you.

Angel's Trumpet

Don't let the name of this flower fool you. The only thing you will get from this plant is a bad high and possibly even death. Angel's trumpet is full of atropine and hyoscyamine, both of which are hallucinogens. These plants are nothing to mess around with, as the affects of consuming one could lead to a hallucination so bad, you could actually die. Overdosing on these plants is very easy if used for recreational purposes.

Rosary Pea

This flower seems innocent enough, however, if even one of its bright red seeds are ingested, you will be on your way to the emergency room. The seeds of the rosary pea are full of a chemical known as abrin. Abrin attacks your body from the inside by shutting down ribosomes.

Once you have eaten one of the seeds, your body will start to shut down. First, it will give your a fever and you will begin vomiting. After these symptoms subside, you will lose function of your gastrointestinal system and you will begin to convulse.


Oleanders are known for being a decorative plant. They are also known for being the number one most toxic plant in the world. One leaf from this plant is enough to cause a fatal blow to an adult. You can also be poisoned by the oleander's roots and twigs. Eating one small leaf can shut down your cardiovascular and nervous system and your digestive tract.

It is hard to believe that something as beautiful as flowers can also be very deadly. Before you go to pick that elegant white flower or try to investigate an odd looking plant that bears red seeds, think twice because they may be full of deadly toxins and try contactingt a florist for more help.