What Do Home Inspectors Look For In The Kitchen?

If you're buying a house, it's a good idea to have your own inspector look at it. You could learn something that changes your impression of the home, helping you avoid a bad deal.

One room home inspectors pay close attention to is the kitchen. After all, it's one of the most expensive rooms to make over. Here are some of the things your home inspector will be looking for in the kitchen.


Many appliances come with a home, such as refrigerators and dishwashers. Your inspector will check each one to make sure they're functioning properly and in good condition. They'll also make sure the appliances have been properly installed and meet safety standards.


Your inspector will look at the cabinets to check for any damage, such as scratches, chips, or signs of water damage. They may also be checking that they are securely attached to the wall and floor.


Countertops are checked for any signs of wear and tear. Also, the inspector will be looking to make sure the countertop is properly sealed so that it won't be prone to water damage.


The home inspector will check all lighting fixtures in the kitchen to make sure they're working properly and not a fire hazard. They'll also check to make sure that the wiring has been done properly to avoid fires and other issues.


The inspector will check all plumbing fixtures, such as sinks and faucets, to make sure that they're functioning properly and not leaking. They may also be checking for any signs of water damage around the sink or dishwasher.


The home inspector will check the flooring in the kitchen to make sure it's in good condition and not buckling or showing signs of damage.

Mold Damage

Your inspector will look for any signs of mold or mildew in the kitchen, which could indicate a water leak. They may also do other tests to see if there is any hidden moisture in the walls or floor.

Floors and Walls

Your inspector will look at both the floors and walls for any signs of water damage, mold, or other structural issues. They'll also be checking to see if there are any loose tiles or gaps in the grout.

Contact a Home Inspector to Learn More

These are just a few of the things that a home inspector will look for in the kitchen. It's important to remember that home inspectors are thorough and take their job seriously, so it pays to make sure you have one on your team when buying a house.

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