6 Ways To Save Money At Home

Want to save some money on the costs of maintaining your home? Consider some easy tips and tactics that can put money back in your pocket over time.

Six ways to save money in your home include the following.

1. Motorized shades

An investment in motorized shades for the windows of your home will save you money over the long-run. These can be used to keep the sun out during warmer weather — reducing cooling costs — or opened in winter to let the sunshine in. Use a remote function for ease and efficiency when opening and closing your window treatments.

2. Programmable Thermostats

It makes a big difference in heating costs when you have a programmable thermostat. These devices keep heat consistent, without the constant on-and-off of a heat source. Talk to an HVAC professional to schedule the installation of a programmable thermostat for your home.

3. A Toilet Dam

Have you ever heard of a toilet dam? A toilet dam is used in the tank of a toilet to conserve water during each flush. This is particularly important if your toilet is an older model made before they were water efficient. A dam takes up space so less water is needed to fill the tank when you flush.

4. Annual Roof Inspection

It is estimated that a roof typically lasts around 30 years; how old is your home's roof? Schedule a roof inspection annually with a roofing contractor in the area. Having a professional put eyes-on a roof can help preserve it, making it last longer, too. Plus, the contractor may be able to spot and identify any issues that could turn into costly problems later if overlooked.

5. Walter Filter System

Quit spending so much money on water bottles that could end up in landfills. Instead, invest in a water filtration system for your kitchen tap, and begin saving money right away. Plus, buying a water filter is an eco-friendly thing to do that reduces the carbon footprint that you leave behind.

6. Native Plants and Landscaping

Save even more money outside your home with some landscaping maintenance tips. Try to plant native species, which require less attention and care and that typically thrive in the distinct climate. You will not need to worry about irrigation or fertilization either, as native plants usually create their own self-sustaining ecosystem; talk to your landscape professional to learn more.

Use these tips to save a little money on the costs of maintaining and operating your home. Talk to contractors in your area for estimates and assistance, when needed.

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