Tips For Cleaning Blinds

If you've ever had to clean your house for a party, you might have looked at your blinds with a more critical eye and noticed that they were absolutely filthy. You might try to clean them but only end up pushing the dust all over the place, rather than actually getting rid of it. If you have ever experienced this frustration, you absolutely need these pointers about how to clean your blinds quickly and effectively.

If You Have a Ton of Dust:

If you have a ton of dust on your blinds because you have never cleaned them before, you might need to first anchor the dust slightly to the blinds before actually starting the cleaning process. Take a spray bottle and spray the blinds lightly. Don't try to soak the dust because it will make it harder to clean up and it might start dripping down your windows. A light mist will help you keep from getting the dust everywhere. Next, take your vacuum and use a brush attachment to start vacuuming the anchored dust up. You might need to turn up the suction on your vacuum if you added too much water to the dust on your blinds. 

If you have an overwhelming amount of dust that your vacuum attachment can't handle, take a dry paper towel and knock the bulk of the dust on the ground. Sweep it up or vacuum it up afterwards.

If You Have a Moderate Amount of Dust:

If you have a moderate amount of dust, take your vacuum and put the brush attachment on it. Start moving horizontally across each blind individually. This might seem tedious but if you try to do more than one blind at a time, there's a good chance that you are going to end up not being as thorough as you would like. Do not move vertically across the blinds or else you risk pushing the dust around or onto your windowsill. Make sure that you are vacuuming each side of the blinds.

Finish By Spot Checking With Wipes

Regardless of whether or not you had a lot of dust or a small amount of dust, you are going to need to spot check your blinds. Take your wet wipe and move horizontally across each blind with it to get anything you might have missed. Using a wet wipe will help re-anchor any dust that might have dried.

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