The Kid Cave: How To Create An Inexpensive And Practical Playroom Your Kids Will Love

If you have children, you're already aware of how fast their toys can take over your home. You may long to have your living room back or be able to walk through your home without tripping over toys. Creating a playroom for your kids will get their toys out of your space, and it won't cost you a fortune.

Smart starts

When buying paint for a playroom, always choose a paint that is washable. Be careful of the color you select. A color that looks cute for a small child's playroom might not look as nice for an older child's playroom. A neutral color is best and will save you the expense of repainting the room later if you choose to redecorate.

Avoid using carpet flooring. Laminate, linoleum, or tile flooring makes cleaning up messes a breeze. Kids and toys are tough on floors. Get the best flooring your budget allows. This is the one area where paying a little extra now can save you the need to replace the flooring later.

If you want to add an area rug to the floor for little ones to sit on when playing, choose an indoor-outdoor rug. These types of rugs will hold up well to spills and can be taken outside and hosed off if needed.

Be wise about window treatments

Never purchase blinds with cords for a child's playroom. Curious kids and dangling cords are not a safe combination. Always purchase blinds that are cordless and kid safe.

To save money, use a simple curtain topper and no blinds. Curtain toppers are relatively inexpensive and can be swapped out easily for seasonal changes or as the children grow. Long curtains and drapes are not a good option, as they are too irresistible to children and are likely to be used as a makeshift swing or a place to play hide and seek. Think carefully about safety when you purchase window treatments for a child's room. 

Be brainy about the best furnishings

Something old, nothing new should be the theme song you sing as you choose furniture for your kid cave. Shop flea markets and yard sales for used kid's furniture. Kids grow up quick, and furnishings tend to outlast kids. You can always find great bargains when it comes to desks, tables, and chairs. A large square coffee table makes a great table for a playroom. It sits at the perfect height for little ones.

Don't worry if you can't find enough chairs to go around the table. Use large square pillows instead. Pillows make great chairs, and they will add a perfect pop of color to the room.

Look for used bookcases to use for storage. If necessary, paint them to cover chips and blemishes. Just make sure you secure them tightly to the wall for safety.  Place colorful plastic bins or baskets on the bookcases for storing games, puzzles, and small toys. To make organizing a breeze, use a different color for each child.

Be astute about accent pieces

Decorating a kid cave is easy. Encourage creativity by hanging a large chalkboard on one wall. A large roll of art paper can be placed on a dowel above the chalkboard and can be unwound for painting and drawing.

Frame your child's favorite pieces of art to use as wall decor. A few bean bag chairs can be placed in the corners of the room for additional seating.

Creating a playroom is easy, and it doesn't have to cost you a fortune when you use a little creativity. You will regain control of your home, and the kids will be happy to have their very own kid's cave.