Keeping Your Lawn Weed-Free

If you are planning on planting new grass seed when springtime arrives, you will want to take steps in ensuring that your new growth is free from weeds. Weeds are known to kill off healthy grass, making it important to take precautionary steps to eliminate their existence from the start. Here are some ways to keep weeds out of your lawn and what you should do to remove them if they become present.

Don't Skimp On Care

The thicker your lawn is, the less area there will be available for weeds to grow. When your grass starts to grow, make sure to upkeep fertilization and watering so it grows in abundance. Weeds will be pushed out of the mix by doing simple upkeep to your existing lawn. Failing to tend to your lawn regularly can quickly lead to an invasion of weeds, making it more difficult to have your lawn bounce back with hearty blades.

Soak Once A Week

Rather than watering your lawn every day or two with a light misting, give it a good soaking once a week. On average, a lawn needs about an inch of water a week to thrive. If you water it infrequently but with the entire inch in one sitting, the roots of the grass blades will enlarge, pushing out weed seeds so they do not have a chance to germinate due to lack of soil space. To measure how much water is applied, place a ruler upright in a mason jar or glass and set it in your lawn. When the water hits the one inch line, turn off the sprinkler or hose.

Mow At A Higher Height

When mowing your lawn, the height of the mower can make a difference in the number of weeds you will have present. Mowing close to the roots will cause grass blades to lose nutrients within the green portion of the plant. This will weaken the blade, making it easier for a weed to overthrow grass from the area. Mowing at a higher height allows grass to remain lush, keeping weeds from growing due to lack of soil space and ample sunlight. Check the mower height recommendations on the grass seed packaging before you sow your soil. Use the highest recommendation to keep your grass thick.

Remove Any Intruders

If you do find weeds in your lawn, you will want to take steps in having them eliminated quickly. There are a variety of weed killing agents on the market that can help reduce weeds fast. You will need to determine which types of weeds are present, as not all sprays will battle all types. Check your grass seed packaging to find out what types of weeds are usually pesky to your particular seed brand. Calling a professional landscape service may be best if you find you are unable to eliminate weeds by using commercial weed-killing sprays.

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