The Most Important Home Security Tool: YOU

Do you have a home security system that you rely on to protect your family, home, and belongings from burglaries and home invasions? Is that home security system really enough to stop these horrible things from happening? There is one other element of home security that you may have overlooked—you! What can you personally do to ensure your home is as secure as possible?

Maintain the Security System

A professional installation of a home security system is the best way to know that every part of your home is covered. Unfortunately, if you don't do your part in maintaining the system, it could fail to alert you in the event of a burglary or home invasion and cost you a lot. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Check the camera angles. Over time, outdoor security camera angles can shift from the wind. Turn on your app and see what the cameras are monitoring. If you notice that the cameras have become obstructed or aren't monitoring the areas that they used to, adjust them until they are just right.
  2. Battery backups. Test the backup batteries in the control panel to ensure that they are maintaining a charge when the power is out. If they don't hold a charge for longer than a few hours, replace them.
  3. Test window and door sensors and motion sensors. Turn the test system mode on and open the doors and windows to test that the sensors respond. If one of the sensors doesn't respond, you may need to change the battery in it. If that doesn't work, contact your security company.
  4. Test the alarm itself. Contact your security company and tell them that you are running a test on your system so they don't alert the authorities of the alarm. Then set your alarm and open a door or window to see if the alarm goes off and that the monitoring facility actually got the signal. You can stay on the line with the customer service representative throughout the test. A monitoring representative will contact you over the panel's speaker or through another method to tell you the test was a success.

Stranger Security

Anytime a stranger comes knocking on your door, stay alert. Never allow a stranger into your home and be on the lookout for individuals that may have accompanied them to your home. All too often, these criminals will knock on your front door and keep you busy while a partner in crime goes to the back door and breaks in.

If someone claims to work with a utility company and needs access to your home, ask for identification and contact the main office to ensure that there is a crew working in your area. 

Never fully open a door to a stranger. Keep a chain lock in place until you have verified the true identity of the person at your door.

Check Your Locks

This may seem obvious, but many home burglaries occur simply because the burglar found a window or door that was left unlocked. Each night, and every time you leave your home, check every lock to ensure that it is fully engaged.

There is a lot that you can do to ensure the safety of your family, home, and belongings. Keep your hedges trimmed to reduce hiding places for crooks, maintain relationships with your neighbors, and always trust your gut. Talk with a home security specialist, like Maffey's Security Group, to learn more about keeping your home safe.