Large Tree Maintenance On Your Property – Safety Tips

If you have larger trees on your property that you would like trimmed or removed, there are quite a few safety measures that must be put into place. For larger jobs, having a tree services professional is the best idea to secure your property and avoid accidents. Here are four things to keep in mind when it comes to large tree maintenance.

1. Address Power Lines

Power lines are the most dangerous hazard when it comes to tree service and maintenance. If there are power lines coming through your property, make sure that these are avoided and are not in the work area if possible. If lines cannot be avoided, turn power off during the day of tree trimming and felling.

2. Walk Your Property and Look for Hazards

Removing anything in your yard that can be a hazard is important. Remove cars from the property, as well as any large patio furniture. If you are planning for tree removal, a tree might fall towards your home, fencing, or into a neighbor's yard. Express your concerns to your tree trimmer and make sure this is addressed.

3. Removal of Limbs and Fallen Trees

Make sure the tree expert you work with will remove all tree trimmings after the job is complete. Simply cutting trees with the assumption that a property owner might want to keep the fallen limbs for firewood can be mis-communicated. Having a pile of tree waste is unsightly and a dangerous fire hazard. If you have no use for the waste from your trees, make sure this goes with the tree trimmers.

4. Maintain the Trees that You Have

If you live in a wooded environment and you know that tree maintenance will be a part of your property care in the future, make sure to take care of the trees you have now. Yearly trimming can significantly reduce fallen limbs in the winter, or even worse, prevent entire trees from uprooting. If you can keep on top of your property needs, trees wont get overgrown and lead to bigger problems.

Felling and trimming trees are projects better left to the experts. Once you find a tree trimming expert, make sure to review safety precautions with them. Make sure that your home will be protected, and that you feel that you are in good hands. Large trees can be a major hazard so make sure that you trust your tree service professional and that you keep on top of yearly maintenance. Talk to experts like for more information.