Plantation Shutters: Perfect For Every Room In The House

Have you been thinking about updating your home with some new window treatments? Plantation shutters are a great option for every room in the house. However, if your budget will not allow you to have your entire house fitted for plantation shutters at one time, start with a couple of rooms, and expand to the rest of the house. Here are some suggestions for where to start, and the advantages of having plantation shutters in these rooms.

Living Room-Because the living room is usually the front room in the house, it is often the first one that people see from the road. You can increase your home's curb appeal, as well as add privacy, by adding plantation shutters to the living room windows. Make sure if you are starting with the front, that you have all of the windows on the front of the house done. This adds value to your home.

Bedrooms-Many houses often have a bedroom on the front side of the house, as well. However, there are also practical reasons for wanting plantation shutters in the bedrooms. Because of their design, they are great for blocking out the light completely. This is great for afternoon naps and homes with particularly bright street lights.

Kitchen-Plantation shutters are a great addition to kitchen windows and glass doors. They not only allow for privacy, but they are much easier to keep clean in the kitchen than curtains or shades that have to be taken down and washed due to the grease that accumulates on kitchen surfaces over time. These shutters can just be wiped clean with a damp cloth, and possibly a bit of kitchen cleaner.

Bathroom-Because of frequent moisture in the bathroom, traditional window treatments such as curtains can mildew, and wooden blinds can start to peel and crack. However, it is possible to purchase plantation shutters made of PVC that will resist the harsh elements of the bathroom. These are a great option for letting some light in while still providing privacy.

Laundry-In many homes, the laundry room is the most lack-luster room in the entire house. However, because of its usually small size, this is a perfect room to update in a weekend, or even an afternoon. Plantation shutters can add a bit of light and life back to this otherwise mundane room.

Sunroom-Perhaps one of the most dramatic rooms to add plantation shutters to would be the sunroom. The shutters could be opened all the way to let in lots of light, but could also be closed fully or partially, creating a much more functional multipurpose space.

No matter which room in the house that you start with, plantation shutters are a great way to update your entire home.

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