Make A Small Patio Functional In A Few Simple Steps

If you live in a townhome or a smaller home inside of a populated city, your inside and outside spaces may be smaller in square footage. Just because you have a small backyard does not mean that you can't have the functional space of your dreams. Exercise these tips to get the most out of a tiny yard space.

Separate the sections

Though the segments may be smaller, make sure to visually separate the different areas of the patio. First, make sure to have a clean edge to the deck or concrete patio section. Select a patio cover in a style that directly matches your home to extend the house over into the yard and provide clean lines. If the patio area is very tiny, or has a small walkway, put up a durable awning for four season comfort. In your dog's space, be sure to set up the doggy house and animal supplies in a particular corner of the yard.

Keep furniture and appliances small

Smaller square footage also means going smaller for the outdoor appliances and furniture. Select chairs and bench seating that are taller than they are long in order to provide comfort without taking up width. Instead of a huge grill, go for a smaller cooking section on the patio cement. If an outdoor kitchen area is a must, place the grill, cabinets, and all other appliances against the wall of the home. This will provide a base without taking up space in the yard.

Set up bright lighting all over

The best way to make any space look larger is through lighting. Lanterns that attach to the fence will brighten your home's exterior and give it a very cozy feel. For the patio area, tiki torches for parties or a small chandelier that hangs high will produce the type of light you need to work, cook, and entertain by. Make sure to place high-quality LED bulbs inside of your lighting source, so that the light is both luminous and money-saving.

Keep outdoor storage low

Clutter, even a small amount, will not do for a small area. Though the backyard can easily become a catch-all for the large items of the family, keeping clutter out of the yard is a must. Typical backyard items such as tools, bicycles, or gardening supplies should be placed inside of a very small shed or a designated closet in the home. Keep your yard looking fabulous by saying no to any items that do not contribute to the look of a wide open space.  (For more information on patio covers, contact Dura-Kool Aluminum Products)