How To Clean Pet Stains From Your Carpet

One problem that many pet owners deal with is pet stains in the carpet in their homes. This is because pets will sometimes have accidents on the carpet instead of using the bathroom where they normally should. Luckily, you can easily clean the carpet on your own, which is helpful if you are only dealing with one stain in a particular area and don't need your entire carpet to be cleaned professionally. Here's how you can keep your carpet clean and free from pet stains:

  • Clean the Stains Immediately: If you see your pet have an accident on the carpet, be sure that you take care of it immediately. This is going to make cleaning the area much easier rather than waiting until the urine has set into the carpet, which makes it more difficult to remove. You will want to set paper towels on the area to soak up as much of the wetness as possible. You will want to keep repeating this process until the stain has been soaked up as much as possible. From here, you can rinse the area with cold water and soak up the area once again to be sure that the urine has been removed from the area completely. During this process, you can try taking the urine soaked paper towels and placing them in the preferred bathroom area for your pet, such as outdoors, in the litter box, or on a wet pad. Eventually, your pet will learn that this is where they should be using the bathroom.
  • Clean Set-in Stains: Unfortunately, set-in stains can sometimes be found in your home due to the fact that you didn't catch your pet have an accident there or you have been away and unable to see it before it is too late. Although cleaning these set in stains will be more difficult, it is still possible. Here are two ways in which you can clean these areas:
    • Using a Vinegar Solution: By mixing 50% white vinegar with 50% water, you can soak the affected area. From here, you want to use a scrub brush to ensure that the solution is worked into the carpet. The vinegar will not only help to remove the stain from your carpet, but it will also neutralize the smell. After using the scrub brush, be sure that you blot the area dry with clean towels. 
    • Using a Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda Solution: By sprinkling a handful of baking soda on the affected area and applying a solution of half a cup of hydrogen peroxide with 1 teaspoon of plain dishwashing detergent, you can easily remove the stain. Be sure that you work in the solution with a scrub brush and allow up to two hours to dry before vacuuming up the baking soda. 

Using these methods to clean pet stains in your carpet can help you to keep your carpet looking fresh and clean even with a pet in your home.

If your carpet is stained enough, you may want to opt for a professional cleaning from a company like Chem Dry of Spotsylvania.